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Daryl Shields is someone who has learned how to win in life, and he is passionate about helping others to do the same. Born to 19 year old parent that were addicted to crack cocaine and alcohol were the cards that life gave Daryl. Daryl has discovered how to use his difficult upbringing and adversity to create a lifestyle of winning….

After getting kicked out of high school the first day of his senior year, Daryl made the decision to enlist in the Army. While serving in the Army on active duty, Daryl has been able to obtain his bachelor’s degree 5 years after graduating from high school, his Master’s degree a year later, and he is currently working on his dissertation towards his PhD in Organizational Development and Leadership.

In 2013 after relocation from Germany, Daryl was stationed in Ft. Campbell, KY where he was assigned to the 160th SOAR. Being in a special operation unit and working around high performer daily, this let Daryl know that serving his country and being a full time was not enough, he could be doing more. So he and his wife Jenny started a real estate company, that consists of a multi-million dollar portfolio, and easily produces over 6 figures annually.

Daryl’s message is simple, anyone can win big in life. Daryl was able to take a negative situation of parent being addicted to crack cocaine and alcohol to help give him inspiration, the proper mindset and dedication to ensure that he wins big in life.

Daryl wants to see you win in life, just in case you were wondering ..-The guy that just wants to see you win-

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